Available show/breed quality Ragdoll kittens 2022

This page is especially intended for fellow breeders who are looking for Ragdolls that can strengthen their breeding program. I breed Ragdolls since 2008 and I’m very careful about selling my Ragdolls for breeding. I only sell to officially registered and recognized breeders.

My breeding cats are tested from HCM, PKD and CIN. A copy of the most recent test results regarding both parents for HCM, PKD and CIN are part of my contract.

Plans for 2023

The girls of which we hope to welcome a litter sometime this year. 

Chocolate point bicolor Ragdoll girl

Allweneedis Breeze

Chocolate point bicolour Ragdoll poes

Allweneedis Reflect Life

I do not sell to breeders which breed / or has the
intention to breed the so called “non-pointed Ragdoll” (mink/sepia and solid “Ragdolls”). A restriction of “No selling breeders to mink/sepia and solid Ragdoll breeders” must be added to males and females sold as breeders.

Kittens sold as pets must be spayed/neutered before leaving the cattery.

Interview to be put on the waitinglist for an Allweneedis . . . breeding kitten.

I breed for several years and I’m very careful about selling my Ragdolls for breeding. I only sell to officially registered and recognized breeders. And I want to know a lot about the person before I decide anything. Sometimes you hear very sad stories of cats kept in cages. My cats are like children to me and I want the most loving homes for them.

Do you plan to show your cat?

Do you plan on declawing, removing dewclaws?

This information will not be used or distributed to any other third parties. Your information is kept safely and only be used for the purpose of finding the right kitten for you.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. Be aware that it may take a while before we have a breeding and show quality kitten available for you. You are not the only one who has submitted a request to us.

We reserve the right to choose who we re-home a kitten to.  If we turn you down as a potential owner, we have our reasons and act in the best interests of all involved. Completion of this form does not guarantee adoption. The above questionnaire would enable us to gauge whether you have the correct intention to breed with the Ragdoll breed. Please remember that our cats are all treated like family so we will scrutinize all potential “adopters”.

 TICA The International Cat Association

“This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc.”

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